Tufting Frame/Yarn stand

Tufting Frame is the frame that you can put on the table to work for the tufting. 

For the convenience on working, there is a handle on top and foot on the bottom that is easy to dissemble, so you can work on multiple frames at the same time much easily. Use the hook on the corner to feed the yard evenly into the tufting gun!

 Nail heads are specially made and nailed in a distance that is best to keep the fabric even and strong on the frame to be tufted. 

You need an extra F clamp to fix the frame onto the table. 

Frame foot are NOT included in one tufting frame.

You can use one set of tufting foot for either with small and medium frame.

To store, you can dissemble and keep the frames together, and to work on tufting you can easily assemble back and fix the foot on the table.

You need to purchase at least one set of foot in initial to start your work on the tufting frame,but

don’t necessarily have to get same amount of foot as frames since it’s assembly.

One of most important elements in tufting must be the fluency in yarn feeding. It decides the tension of each yarn and affects the ultimate quality of the result. This stand keeps the cone still on one side and let the end of the yarn to unwind easily by keeping the best angle of a strand. You can use max.6 cones of yarn at once. You can decide the number of strands by the thickness of yarn or gut that you are using with. When using BCF yarn from AnalogBubu studio, 4 strands for the cut pile and 2 strands for the loop pile is ideal.