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Intensive classes for experts and startups

Intensive Classes


The intensive tufting class is recommended for those who run craft workshops, and for those who experience difficulty in making new products, and artists. 

It consists of two lectures. In the first lecture, you will make a mirror using an air-compressor gun. In the second lecture, you will learn about detail expression techniques such as gradation and lettering, and make a frame and a flowerpot cover.


  • You will be given more information about the curriculum in class.
  • In the additional training session, you will continue further with your own work.


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– Twice weekly (6 hours X 2) / 10:00~17:00 (lunch 13:00~14:00)
– Check for class schedules at Naver Smart Store.
– If you want to have a class at other times, please inquire without reservation.


Intensive classes are based on regular classes. Since you will learn advanced techniques/know-how/practice compared to those you learned from regular classes, and the class will be for people who have already taken regular/short classes offered by And-et. It will obviously be difficult for those who have not learned the basics of tufting, so we recommend you first take the regular (short) classes.

Intensive classes for experts and startups

Intensive Classes

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Intensive Classes
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