Textile Art Activities: A Journey into Craftsmanship

We are working in various media to promote textile arts.

Recent Activities

And-et communicates through collaboration with various public institutions and brands.


  • Listed in the Biographical Dictionary of Gyeonggi-do’s Designers Jun

    Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

  • Exhibition/Experience activities for the Korea Craft Week Sep

    Korea Craft & Design Foundation

  • Collaboration with TWOSOME PLACE Oct


  • Exhibition at Heyri Pan Festival Nov

    Heyri Executive Office

  • Pangyo Hyundai Department Store Artist Pair Exhibition Dec

    Hyundai Department Store


  • JAKOMO (Jae Kyung Furniture) Craft Artist Show Mar


  • Selected for Cheongju International Craft Competition Sep


  • Participated in Gyeonggi Young Artists’ Experience Sharing Series Sep

    Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation

  • Collaboration Video Work with IOPE Oct

    · Amorepacific

  • Exhibition at Make Guro Festa/Operated Craft Experience Hall Nov

    Guro Cultural Foundation


  • Bespoke with Artists Project Feb

    Samsung Electronics

  • ILLIYOON Video Work Feb


  • Craft, Warm Color Exhibition Mar

    Seoul Museum of Craft Art

  • Hyundai Museum of Kids’ Books & Art ‘MOKA ROOM’ Collaborative Exhibition Apr

    Hyundai Department Store

  • Arts and Crafts Exhibition Sep

    Sponsored by Gyeonggi-do & Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Hosted by JungSung Company

  • Melting Point Exhibition Oct

    Haagen-Dazs X Lotte Gallery

  • Hidden Pictures Exhibition Oct

    Sponsored by Gyeonggi-do & Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation


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