Andet Tufting Studio

We provide textile craft creative activities, classes, and tufting-related supplies.
Between the softness of thread and the hardness of scrap metal, we explore and create.

Andet Tufting Studio

Textile crafts

Andet Tufting Studio
hosts various exhibitions through textile craft creation activities and
public institutions & We are working on a corporate collaboration project.

Andet Tufting Studio
Various exhibitions and public institutions through textile craft creative activities. & We are conducting a corporate collaboration project.

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Tufting Total Solution

We produce/supply high-level class curriculum (hobby/start-up) and all elements related to

High-level class curriculum (hobby/start-up) and
We produce/supply all tufting-related elements.

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What we do

And-et Tufting Studio's business areas are as follows.
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Fiber craft art activities

We produce/sell craft works of art using textile craft techniques such as tufting, weaving, punch needle, and knitting.
섬유공예용품 도소매업

Textile craft supplies wholesale and retail business

We produce/supply supplies needed for tufting crafts (yarn, tools, bonder, fabric, etc.).
섬유공예 소품 제조

Manufacturing of textile craft accessories

We develop/manufacture interior/fashion accessories using textile craft techniques.

Workshop class

We offer One Day Classes for tourists, in-depth classes for professionals/entrepreneurs, and online lectures.
Individual Experience

One-day Class: Mini Rug

Classes to learn related skills by making handmade rugs through tufting techniques