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Tufting One-day Mini Rug Class

One-day Class: Mini Rug


In this 3-hour class, you will make a mini rug that is 30 x 30 cm in size (Total area of 900cm) using a cut-pile tufting gun. 

As this class is for beginners, complex designs with detailed human faces or many curves are not available. Up to four colors can be used. If you have trouble designing, you can use the designs prepared by the workshop.






Classes are provided through reservation.


– There is no additional charge.
– This is an online class that can be requested via the Naver Smart Store.

– For those who want to learn more about tufting in detail, we recommend regular classes.

  • Regular classes: Making a rug & tufting gun maintenance
  • Intensive classes: Using an airgun & making a mirror / Making gradation flowerpot cover and a picture frame)

Photos of classes

Making a mini rug using tufting technique

One-day Class: Mini Rug

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Individual Experience
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