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Regular(Short) Classes


In this class, you will learn the basic techniques of tufting by making a 40*60 cm handmade rug.

You can choose between a course of 3 hours for 4 days and a course of 5.5 hours for 2 days.

In this class, you will:

  1. Use various tufting techniques ─ and work with tufting guns set with high thread at “cut” and low thread at “loop,” to make the characteristics of tufting stand out in the product.
  2. Understand the principle of the tufting gun using a hand loom and express the points on the rug.
  3. Learn how to fix it when the fabric is torn.

클래스 소개

클래스 소개2

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– Classes are provided through reservation.
– You may pay for weekday regular classes after schedule setting. 
– Two-day classes are given for two consecutive days on weekdays and on Saturday to Sunday.

For other schedules, please consult with us before booking.


We welcome those who want to learn for the purpose of running a craft workshop. Please let us know before the class starts.

Regular classes for future experts

Regular(Short) Classes

Regular Classes
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